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Our 6 Businesses


Global Logistics

We provide safe and fast logistics services available at all corners of the world, and advanced Just-in-Time logistics solutions.


Channel Expansion

With a global sales network, we can assist our strategic partners to expand international business to achieve common development.

Lean Manufacturing

We have the industry’s leading lean manufacturing, and our production environment, strict quality control and order delivery have been recognized by the international brand and enjoy a good reputation in the industry.
Supply Chain Management

We have established multi-category raw material organization and supply system, cooperated with others in the upstream and downstream to produce multi-category products, improve the product power through R&D and design, realize real-time whole process QC control and fast door-to-door delivery service. 
Design, R&D

We have the independent design, R&D team and help customers quickly realize the process from concept to product with professional support. Besides, we have won a number of international patents in raw materials, key components and process technology.
Brand Management

We have professional brand marketing team, consumer research team, product line development team and visual design team to provide all-round support for brand development.

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Customer-Centric 4S(Service)


Professional Supports

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Reliable Order Delivery

12 Years’ Luggage Manufacturing Experience

The modern manufacturing system has covered the two manufacturing centers in China and Southeast Asia


Our Strategic Partners

Global Manufacturing Services

Global Layout of CITY SPARK


We now have the following factories:

- CITY SPARK (Xiamen)
- CITY SPARK (Cambodia)
- CITY SPARK (Cambodia II)

We will establish the following ones in 2021:

- China Factory II 
- India Factory I